Chocolate Mousse

Perfect Chocolate Mousse

1/2 cup pitted soft dates
3-4 T agave
1 T cold-pressed coconut oil (optional)
1 1/2 T non-alcohol vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups mashed avocado (about 3 medium avocados)
3/4 cup raw carob powder
4-6 T cacao powder (or additional carob powder)

Soak the dates in 1/2 fresh water for 5-10 minutes to soften. Drain the soak water and set aside. In a food processor, blend dates, maple syrup, coconut oil (if desired), and vanilla until smooth. Spoon in avocado and blend until smooth. Add a few tablespoons of date soak water if necessary to aid in blending. Spoon in carob and cacao powder and blend until smooth.

Spoon mousse into parfait or wine glasses. Keeps fresh for several days.

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