Health Talk for Horses DVD

Health Talk for Horses

The ultimate expression
of your love for horses
happens when you help
optimize their health.


Health Talk for Horses enables HORSEMEN LIKE YOU to enhance the health of horses.
Every day better and better. Healthier and healthier. Happier and happier. Every day.

Dr. Regan Golob was raised on a large cattle ranch in Eastern Washington state. Horses were much more than the objects of joy and affection–they were integral to the family’s livelihood. As Dr. Golob learned the healing arts, he recognized that they applied to horses as much as to people. Putting this into practice with his own and friends horses resulted in what appeared to many to be healing miracles.

Dr. Golob’s effectiveness at optimizing the health of horses soon attracted the attention of the owners and trainers of many of the finest performance horses in the world. As a result, he is hired to travel all over the world to work with the very best as they prepare to win top-level competitions.

The Health Talk for Horses DVD condenses and demonstrates Dr. Golob’s most important health enhancing tips, techniques, tools and testing methods. In less than one hour you will learn more about natural horse health than most horsemen, veterinarians and trainers learn in a lifetime. Unlike the retention challenges that occur during live seminars, the knowledge becomes yours to keep, take home and watch repeatedly until perfecting the health of horses becomes your second nature

Imagine being able to spot alignment and nutritional deficiencies with only an educated glance or a touch. Then simply, quickly resolve the issue with a precise, easy adjustment or exactly the right type and quantity of nutritional supplementation.

In a perfect world, everyone would have their own Dr. Golob at their beck and call to assist them with the health of their horses, the health of all their other animal friends, their family and themselves. In the real world there is only one of him, and he can be in only one place at a time.

Since we cannot clone him, cloning his wisdom through the Health Talk for Horses DVD is a best second choice.

Over 8,000 copies of this amazing educational program have been sold. In the beginning they were sold to those who attended Dr. Golobs live horsmanship workshops.The horsemen, trainers and veterinarians who have acquired and studied Health Talk for Horses were so excited by what they learned that they alerted the equestrian world by writing about it on blogs and group sharing pages. Based on this alone, we now ship copies all over the world–wherever people have and care about horses.

If you are a true horseman you have a deeply embedded love for horses. You can demonstrate the purest form of that love by learning the proven, amazing natural health and healing techniques found in Health Talk for Horses. Apply them to the horses in your life. Pass on what you learn with other horsemen.

100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not delighted with a Health Talk for Horses DVD which you purchased from ABCompany you may re-package it in the original case along with all the other original contents of the case and return it, post paid, for a 100% refund of the DVD purchase price.


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