Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in this country. Weight loss drugs and diet herbs, diet drinks and diet plans are advertised everywhere. Even people who are not grossly overweight usually wish they could look a little better in a swimsuit, and yet just can’t lose that extra 10 pounds.

I feel the main reason they can’t lose weight is toxins. Toxins are stored in body fat, especially brown fat, which cannot go away until the toxins are removed. So, to lose weight easily, support and cleanse your liver and other organs of elimination. Alkalize your body with bio-available minerals, fruits and veggies so that it does not have to retain water to dilute the acidic foods, and you are going to lose weight.

Many natural products can help with detoxification, such as Redmond clay; Total Zeolite or ACZ Nano; organic apple cider vinegar and NanoGreens. Celery and watermelon are great natural diuretics.

Follow this link to my seven day diet for healthy weight loss. Many of my friends and patients have lost 10, 20 or 30 pounds very quickly with this, and it is a wonderful energy boost as well.

Editor’s Note.

Subsequent to the writing of this article, Dr. Golob has received many reports from people that switching from their regular coffee to the healthier Organo Gold coffees, teas and cocoa with Ganoderma Lucidum has resulted in spontaneous weight loss.

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