An Ounce of Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention

by Dr. Regan Golob

Doctors who perform autopsies to determine the cause of death frequently remark that they wonder not what caused the death, but what kept the person alive so long! An article by Royal Lee, president of the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, quotes Prof. Ray Slocum of Dodge Chemical Company, who has some interesting comments about common drugs and their side effects on the body.

According to Prof. Slocum, the steroid drugs like cortisone used for arthritis, skin conditions, asthma and allergies may produce ulcers of the digestive tract, resulting in bleeding and ulcerative colitis. They can also make the cells more resistant to the passage of fluids into the tissues. Estrogen and progesterone can upset the salt balance in the body, causing fluid retention. Oral diabetes drugs can cause enlargement and cirrhosis of the liver. Tranquilizers cause disorganization and destruction of red blood cells and enlargement of the spleen and liver. They can result in kidney failure. Thyroid medication causes hardening of the arteries. We all need to remember that waiting until our bodies are in trouble, and then relying on drugs and medications to address the situation is like trying to restore a flower to its original beauty after the petals have fallen off.

Our bodies are miraculous creations and very adaptable to the abuse we heap on them in our modern civilization, but eventually they crack under the strain. “We never miss our health until the reserves have run dry”. The best insurance is to practice preventive structural, functional, systemic support.

  • Eat a predominantly alkaline diet – 75% fruits and veggies, preferably raw.
  • Take your (natural, colloidal, needed) supplements!
  • Think positive, uplifting thoughts.
  • Practice forgiveness;
    Steven Levine says, “Forgive to yourself. Forgive not the unkind act, but the unknowing person who committed it.” Anger and fear are acid-producing, health-destroying emotions.
  • Surround yourself with positive people, uplifting colors, alkaline music. Yes, music is acid or alkaline — you know which is which.
  • Read the books:

And remember to give thanks daily for your perfect body, a true miracle of creation!

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