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Dr. Regan Golob is a difficult, if not impossible, Health Care Professional to classify!

by Bruce Wesley Chenoweth

Although holding degrees in both Biology and Chiropractic, Dr. Golob is noted for vastly expanding his knowledge beyond the confines of any single discipline.  He integrates his knowledge of the healthy functioning of all aspects of humans, animals, micro-organisms and plants to guide and nurture people and animals to optimum health.

It should be noted that the information presented in this web site has nothing to do with chiropractic. Rather, it stems from the wisdom he has gained by growing far beyond the limitations of that discipline. It should also be noted that this site is about Dr. Regan Golob, but it is not written by Dr. Regan Golob. The content herein is solely the responsibility of this writer, Bruce Wesley Chenoweth. Although a close friend and mentee of Dr Golob, journalistic integrity supersedes

Dr. Golob does not treat illness and disease. Instead, he aids in awareness and enhancement of total health. Through his guidance, people become capable of replacing illness and disease with excellent health through learning to make better choices.

Central to Dr. Golob’s abilities to guide humans and animals to a level of health that they may never before have experienced is knowledge of common sense physiology combined with development of Bio-energy analysis techniques, all of which reveal nutritional, structural and emotional imbalances.

Dr. Golob often travels far from his home area to lecture and teach people to care for themselves.  Attending classes given by Dr. Golob or participating in his health cruises are excellent investments in personal well-being. Check the blog posts on this site for current class schedules and contact information.

Dr. Golob is also a consultant to and associate of Dynamite Marketing, a source of exceptional nutritional products. He has written many helpful articles for the Dynamite Newsletter.  Copies of many of these articles have been included on this web site. His articles are copyrighted, but may be reproduced and redistributed for educational purposes without change or charge.

*People who are just being introduced to Dr. Golob often ask “What kind of doctor is he?”  Bypassing the obvious limitations of the established, so-called “scientific” categorizations, Dr. Golob appears to most who know him as a natural healer who’s capabilities are limited only by the limiting beliefs of those who he teaches and guides.  Realizing this, people attempt to define what he does with words and phrases such as “miracle-worker,” “magic,” “psychic,” “holistic healer,” “telekinetic,” “God-sent,” etc. If you are experienced with the results of his attendance, you are welcome to offer new definitions based on your personal experiences so that others may better understand what is available to them.
Be advised that what Dr. Golob offers is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.  Naturally, no disease or illness can survive in a perfectly healthy body.

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